Traditions and New Beginnings

Review of annual Blue Valley traditions, freshmen share expectations for high school


Class cheers are one of the main ways to get points in the Class Competition — a competition between all grade levels for a bowling trip at the end of the year. Cheerleaders from each grade level will lead each class in a cheer and whichever class is the loudest — as judged by a select group of teachers — will receive points. Photo by Isabelle Allen.

As the first school of the Blue Valley School District, Blue Valley has had plenty of time to create traditions that students today still uphold.

Even as freshmen on our first day of high school we are ushered in on the red carpet — one of BV’s many traditions. And when we are seniors and our time at BV is almost up, we find ourselves in the gym competing against teachers and faculty members who have been a part of our lives at school in the Senior-Faculty Challenge.

Tradition is what carries us from our first step in the halls of BV to our final ones.

Q&A with Incoming Freshmen

Matin Tavicoli

Question: What are you most anxious about?

Answer: Honors and AP classes because we didn’t have them in middle school. We had a higher level of math, but we didn’t have AP classes.

Q: What is your biggest fear for the first day?

A: Probably getting lost or going to the wrong class. Seventh and eighth grade P. E., I went to A instead of B [the first day].

Q: So if you got lost, you wouldn’t try to find your sister [senior Mercedeh Tavacoli]?

A: No, no. I’m going to try to stay away from her. I already have a class with her. That’s going to be rough.

Q: What will you miss about middle school?

A: There’s nothing to miss about middle school. Everyone was annoying.

Q: Do you know what the PAC is?

A: Nope. I know it’s a company. I think it’s a vacuuming company. I’ve seen commercials.

Charisma Gochenour 

Question: What are you most anxious about?

Answer: I’m nervous about all of the older people. Everybody says they’re really mean to freshmen.

Q: What do you think will change throughout high school?

A: My friends and what I’m interested in doing. In middle school, they were a lot of popular people. Since we’re going to high school, they’re not going to be as big as what they think.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest change from middle school to high school?

A: Our freedoms. In middle school, [teachers are] just now allowing eighth graders to use their phones for agendas. I’ve heard you’re allowed to use your phone more [in high school] and listen to music.

Q: Will you be an annoying freshman?

A: Yes. I’m really talkative. Actually, I’ll probably be really shy. But once I get to know people, I’ll be really annoying.