Voices Unheard

Students share ideologies, opinions on BV’s social scene

In the classroom, around the lockers and by the PAC, Blue Valley is home to a multitude of different personalities and people — some of whom have said they feel ignored by the rest of BV and do not get to voice their opinion as much as they would like.

Sophomores Logan Honeycutt and Nicholas Naybert opened up about their lives and thoughts and how stereotypes affect everyone.

-What’s something you love?

“I really like debate a lot. It’s my second year — I’m in advanced debate. Also, I like being asked philosophical questions. That way I can formulate my own answers and beliefs on the spot.” — Naybert

“I like science — chemistry is my favorite class.” — Honeycutt

-What is your life mission statement and why?

“I don’t exactly have a goal in my life. I’ve never had the time to go through my life and think about where I want to go.” — Naybert

-What is a stereotype you think people believe about you?

“Most of the time, that I’m a narcissistic pessimist, because I don’t smile as much as everyone else does. That’s not really true though.” — Naybert
-Do you have any spiritual beliefs? If so, what are they?

“I am a Christian. I grew up in a Christian home, but my parents believed in having me find my own way to religion. They gave me my own freedom of choice.” — Naybert

“I am an Atheist. I don’t consider it a spiritual belief, but a lack of [one].” — Honeycutt

-What do you wish could be changed about the social scene at BV?

“Get rid of all the darn cliques. Those things annoy me to no end. It’s always like freshmen must be with freshmen, and sophomores must be with sophomores.” -NN

-How important is family to you?

“Very important. Although, my sister sometimes gets really grouchy, and it ruins those days. Same with my dad on both views.” — Naybert