Freshman experiments with special effects makeup

With Halloween approaching freshman Mallori Kabel is preparing for the day’s festivities with makeup in hand.

“I have been using make-up since seventh grade,” Kabel said.

The show “Face Off” is what got her interested in special effects (SFX) makeup.

“It seemed fun,” Kabel sad,” It was one of those things where I could express my creativity in a very fun way.”

Pinterest is where Mallori gets most of her inspiration, she said.

”There’s a lot of cool stuff out there,” Kabel said.

Mallori said she enjoys doing more of the creepy side of things than beauty makeup.

”I buy all my supplies at the costume shop at US Toy,” Kabel said.

Her advice is to watch Face Off before purchasing anything.

“If you do go buy stuff don’t start with the best of the best,” Kabel said.

Her recommendation is to try everyday makeup you have and watch tutorials online of how to make simple bruises.

The basic materials you need for SFX makeup is liquid latex, scarwax and brushes.  Kabel’s advice on liquid latex is to “ensure its good with your skin because it can cause allergies.”

Scarwax, she said, is a putty-like tool you can scrape and mold into whatever you need and put it on your face.

Paint brushes are also important, she said, and Mallori recommends a latex brush because it is “going to get crusty and you don’t want that for paint.”

Regarding paint colors, Mallori recommends getting red, brown, yellow, and several neutral

colors because those colors are good for bruises and nude colors are good for blending prosthetics.

Kabel also practices her makeup on her sister.

Her favorite job was, “the elf warrior, and it was a full face paint with pointed ear prosthetic and a slash going across the side of her face,” Kabel said.

Freshman Jenna Fulton is a friend of Mallori’s. Jenna learned about Mallori doing SFX makeup while in seventh grade.

“I have seen several,” Fulton said,” she did and a really cool one that looked like she split her nose in half.

“If you are capable of doing the SFX makeup, It would be a fun and fulfilling career choice,” Fulton said.

Kabel’s advice to new makeup artists is,

“If someone is thinking about doing it just start messing around with it because it’s better to start early, and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to continue.”Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.45.12 AM