Quadruple Threat

High school student takes on singing, dancing, acting, modeling

Karen Hughes, Fall 2015 J1 Student

Every high school student has at least one hobby, but junior Emily Blackwell has four. Blackwell said she was first inspired to start her journey down the performIMG_9083ing arts path as a fourth grader, when adults all around her began suggesting she should model. “I realized I wanted to model when I was little, and from then on I got into singing and dancing and acting,” Blackwell said. “It all just seemed like something I was meant to do.” At the beginning of her modeling career, Blackwell took part in modeling lessons that were meant to prepare her for a future full of walking down the runway. “I started off in a pre course at Hoffman modeling,” Blackwell said. “That’s where I learned all of the basics, like learning to keep myself healthy and my skin clear. After that, most people moved onto a pro course, but I was signed with Hoffman after my pre course, which was pretty cool.” Blackwell said there is nothing set in stone for her future in modeling, but there is always a high chance that a new opportunity could arise. “The most important thing to understand as a model is that most opportunities are random,” Blackwell said. “I have to make sure I’m ready for an event even if I don’t have one.” Modeling isn’t the only thing occupying Blackwell’s calendar. Singing, acting and dancing have also become a big part of her life. “My favorite thing to sing is definitely Broadway, and I’m in chorale and chambers. I dance to anything besides tap,” Blackwell said. “I’ve also been in ads, commercials, and school productions like ‘42nd street’ and ‘Guys and Dolls.’” Blackwell said her schedule is constantly filled with lessons, shows and auditions. “I have dance class and a 30-minute singing lesson every week,” Blackwell said. “As for acting, I prepare for that when I’ve got an audition lined up and practice frequently if I have a part in a show I’ve already gotten into.” School breaks and weekends normally consist of little free time for Blackwell. “It’s difficult to find a time to hang out with her,” junior Genevieve Austin said. “I’ve known her since middle school, and it’s always been that way.” Blackwell said it can he hard to keep up with everything, depending on the time of year. “November is definitely my busiest month,” Blackwell said. “Musical theatre is something that is constantly going, and adding that to lessons and classes outside of school can be extremely overwhelming. Sometimes it can be easy, and sometimes it can be hard. It just depends on what I’m working on.” These opportunities have led Blackwell to a promising future in New York City, where she said she plans to attend college and build a career. “This isn’t just some temporary thing,” Austin said. “This is her life. I can’t see her doing anything else.”