Dancing his way into the future

Student makes his way into animation dancing

Blue Valley senior Garet Scaff started dancing five years ago.

“My cousins wanted to show me a video so I got off the couch and went to see it and it just in- terested me; this guy moving his body with such passion,” Scaff said. “Some of my family mem- bers also dance, so that also kind of inspired me to start dancing.”

Although there are many different types of dancing styles that people do all around the world, Scaff said he is into a dancing style that “many people do not do.”

Scaff said, “The type of danc- ing I do is animation,” Anima- tion dancing has many different parts to it- popping, gliding and robotics. Scaff said he doesn’t want to stay closed-minded to other ideas as a street dancer.

Scaff said “I mix it up a little bit; I put my popping inside my animation and robotics with animation; as a street dancer you make your own story as you go along with it.”

With very little places to go around Kansas City to dance. Scaff dances places where “many people might think is weird or odd.”

“I usually perform in open parking lots and gas stations, but we go to any place that the peo- ple want us to perform — mostly the street and clubs” Scaff said.

Scaff says he dancers with other street dancers as well.

“I dance with two other dancers,and we’ve been meeting a lot of other street dancers on the street as well that do all types

of dancing. There can be a small portion of us or a large portion of us, and we’ll meet at Sonic and pop right out in the parking lot” Scaff said.

Dancing makes Scaff happy and have compassion toward others, he said.

“The dance world is different from your world it’s like you’re an extraterrestrial — you go to a different planet and you feel hap- py. I love to make other people happy, and they love watching me, so it’s a huge passion in my life” Scaff said.

Among many of Scaffs dancing partners he said he’s the closest with BV junior Alex Fitzsimons

“I love dancing with Garet because you can really tell he has such a passion for it, he always is wanting to dance no matter what time of day” said Fitzsimons.

“There is only a small portion of animation dancers in Kansas City, so the people who do animation can be seen as unique and different than others” said Scaff.

Scaff said “When I came to Blue Valley as a freshman, I was scared because for five years I kept it a secret [that I danced], and I didn’t want people to know. When I started doing it here, my senior class laughed — I didn’t know if it was laughing as in ‘he’s good’ or laughing in ‘he’s bad.’ A lot of the negativity around here makes me a better dancer and makes me want to better myself and my art. Truthfully, I got bet- ter and better and now my senior class supports me in everything I do and I support them. We’re all like family.”

BV senior Garet Scaff robtoticily dancing in front of his dodge challenger in BV parking lot October 9th