Fresh Faces At BV

Freshman, new teachers share first impressions


Mackenzie Fuller, ELA teacher

“My favorite part about this school is the students. I love that I have kids that come into class and tell me about their day. I love that there’s this community and that everybody is close. [BV has] a tradition that people are proud of — and now I get to join that tradition.”


Stephanie Braden, ELA teacher

“BV is the place to be. I love the feeling of community, and I feel like it’s one giant family. It struck me as a place anybody would want to work. I absolutely love my colleagues. Every teacher I’ve met works ridiculously hard to make sure our students are given opportunities for real, high level learning.”


Alex Peña, freshman

“I had heard a lot of good things about this school, but on my first day, I was very nervous about all the upperclassmen.”


Brian Mann, freshman

“[I look forward to] joining some clubs and making some new friends.”


Cyren Moody, freshman

“When I first came here my first impression was that everybody was really nice.”


Avery Shaw, freshman

“When I first walked into BV, I was scared. Not because of upperclassmen, but because I didn’t know anyone. But, when I got to meet some people, I knew I’m here for a reason. I’m glad that I have another family to go to for help. Not everyone has a high school that’s so loving and caring as this one.”


Layne Funk, business teacher

“It’s fun to be at a school with many great traditions. Having opened up three new BV schools since 1993, I forgot how valuable it is to be able to rely on and build upon set traditions established in prior years. I like the excitement it generates, whether those are constants year-in-and-year-out or new things like “Tiger PAWS.” The energy of the student body is contagious.”


Ryan Jacobs, freshman

“I’ve always loved it here and always knew this is where I wanted to be. I just kind of jumped into everything, and I’ve loved everything I’ve seen so far.”


John Oldroyd, freshman

“I felt very welcomed when I first got here.”


Jacob Jackson, freshman

“[My first impression] was that everyone is friends with each other here. There aren’t a bunch of cliques that separate us all.”


Brianna Jordan, freshman

“I felt loved and welcomed with open arms. My favorite part about BV is the people”


Justin Hamilton, freshman

“I thought this school was very glamorous.”