Competitive Dance

Student tells about dance

Joey Kelly , Student

Dance is a truly hard thing to master, since it takes years of practice and much dedication. Many dancers aspire to be great in competitive dancing, but it takes much effort and time to achieve a proficient level in competitive dance.It has also been in cultures and all over the world for many centuries.

Here at Blue Valley High School, freshman Sydney Wallick competes competitively in dance. She dedicates her time week after week to perfect her craft.

Sydney first started dance when she was 18 months old, and she instantly fell in love with it. Sydney said,”The benefits of dancing are doing what I love and getting exercise and fun out of it.”

She does many types of dances, including jazz,tap,modern,and lyrical. She travels competitively all the time, and has been all over the country to many dance competitions.  

Sydney takes 25 hours a week to master all the dances she is in. She said,”Dances usually take about 2 to 3 months to completely master. Each dance has many complex moves which as a group take a lot of time to answer.

There are usually 7 types of dances for dancing competitions. Hiphop, acro,ballet, contemporary,jazz,hip-hip,lyrical,pointe and tap are the main ones, although there can be more.

Sydney said,”Our dance team has placed first in a lot of competitions, including Nationals. We have some really good teachers who really are patient and wonderful during all these years I’ve been at La Dance.”

Dance has also taken Sydney all over the country for dance competition, including Florida,Oklahoma,Arkansas, and Colorado.She  is currently at Disney World for Nationals with her dance team and they are going for the top prize.

Her current dance studio is at La Dance studio in Kansas City where BVHS freshman Ellie Oleen also goes to. Ellie said,”Sydney is a very accomplished dancer who has a very good work ethic and a tireless dancer .”

Her motivation is to do competitive dance throughout high school, continue being on the dance team, and make more friends in dance.

Dance has helped Sydney make lifelong friends and give her a passion she will have for the rest of her life.

Sydney said,”I cherish dancing and everything involved with it.”