Meet the Staff

Custodial, cafeteria staff explain their jobs, lives

Julie Brooks — food service manager

Julie BrooksWhat are your job responsibilities?

“I take inventory, order the groceries, plan out what each person is going to do [and] make sure things get done on time. I have to test the food — if there’s a questionable thing, I have to make sure it’s edible. I make sure everyone’s charging right.”

How does the cafeteria staff work together?

“Everybody does a little of every job. We rotate in the back of the kitchen once a week, and out in the registers, we rotate every day. If anybody’s missing, then [anybody] can do it.”

What are your hobbies?

“I used to be a florist for 25 years. Now I garden, watch my grandson and do a lot of cooking.”

Julie Prinds — assistant food service manager

Julie PrindsWhat are your job responsibilities?

“[I] prep the food and do what the manager tells [me] to do. We cook [and] clean — a little bit of everything.”

Tell me a little bit about yourself outside this job.

“I have two grandkids that I just love. I like to go to the casino and gamble every once in a while — every once in a while! I like cooking, sewing, camping [and] reading books.”

Why do you like your job?

“I enjoy the work — [it] isn’t too hard, and I only work four hours a day. Mainly, it’s because I like the people I work [with]. We’re really a good team.”

Gary Mountain — assistant custodian lead

Gary MountainWhat are your job responsibilities?

“I open the building at 6 a.m., check all the restrooms [and make sure that the] lights are on in the right areas. A great part of our day is setting up for lunch, breaking down and [cleaning] up after lunch as well as anything special that goes on during the day.”

Tell me a little bit about yourself outside this job.

“I have three grown children. I’m very active in the men’s group in my church. I used to be a musician [and] an artist — I used to be a lot of things over the years — but at this point, this is where I’m at. I’ve been here for about 14 years now.”

Why do you like your job?

“I like to support people, do good work and be of service. Our function is to support the staff and the students and try to do that the best we can.”

Joshua Reese — lead custodian

Joshua ReeseWhat are your job responsibilities?

“My duties [are] to oversee all cleaning operations [and] sanitary operations of the high school and the athletic facilities.”

Tell me a little bit about yourself outside this job.

“I am a very family-oriented guy — I have two little girls. Both me and my wife are very big proponents of public school systems. I enjoy outdoor activities. I used to be a chef for 12 years, so some of that skillset does transfer over here.”

How did the skillset transfer over?

“Basically, work ethic [was carried over] and keeping an area sanitized so the students don’t get sick. If they get sick, their attendance will drop, and that doesn’t bode well for our academic process.”