Class Spotlight

BV offers various, lesser-known classes

Class Spotlight

Philosophy offers in-depth conversations centered around how we know what we know, ethics and the ideas of philosophers from around the world. Students engage with other classmates to learn about the nature of thought.

Sophomore Neel Patel is enrolled in Philosophy and said he enjoys the group discussion aspect of the class and more specifically talking about existential questions.

“I would recommend this class to others,” Patel said. “Everyone should get into discussions about things they have questions about.”

Java Programming is a class aimed toward programming, problem solving skills, programming style, data abstraction, testing and debugging. Honors Java Programming II goes more in depth working with the Java program.

Senior Cole Kaster is enrolled in Honors Java Programming II and said he took the course because he wants to pursue computer programming as a future career.

“I would recommend it to anyone that wants to work in that career area,” Kaster said. “It helped me be sure that I want to go into computer programming.”

Textile Design and Fibers combines both creation of woven and meshed materials and the surface decoration of art and principles of design. Students taking the class work on various projects involving silk painting, paper etching, book making, altered books, screen painting, wrapped pots and textile construction.

Sophomore Sarah Prickett enrolled after being recommended by a friend.

“It’s a really fun class to take,” Prickett said. “Especially if you want to take an art class but you’re not good at something like drawing, it’s a good class for everyone.