Seven Days Pin Design Competition

Students submit pin design ideas for contest, win

Seven Days is an organization that supports diversity across race, religion and culture. For the competition, each of the students entered were to create eight pins representing the importance of love.

“Seven Days means a week where we take away the details that define people, like sexuality, religion [and] race,” junior Juliet Holmes said. “We’re just participating in living together peacefully.”

There are various activities available to the community through the Seven Days organization, one of them being an art contest incorporating pins for each of the themes for Seven Days: Love, Discover, Others, Connect, Go, You and Onward.

“My design that I got chosen for was a sewed background, with a lot of textures and fibers because I love sewing and I like to implement it a lot into my designs,” she said. “For the ‘Others’ category, I used people holding hands to resemble connecting with other people.”

It wasn’t just about the competition, Holmes said she was privileged to work with so many other talented designers and can’t wait to be awarded at the Seven Days kickoff celebration on April 18th, along with junior Kaitlin Yu from Blue Valley, the winner of the “Discover” pin.

“I was honored — it meant a lot to me,” Holmes said. “I love graphic design work, and I like the fact that it’s not just any regular art competition — it’s something that means focusing on the really great cause.”