Familiar Faces

BV seniors reunite for a kindergarten cookout

In August of 2017, a group of Blue Valley seniors got together for a kindergarten reunion. Mrs. Liens kindergarten class convened for a cookout celebrating their graduation and memories.

“The party started out with awkward conversation since most of us had slowly grown apart and had not talked in years.” senior Ryan Pettes said. “The boys and the girls went their separate ways, just like we did in Kindergarten, and everyone slowly began to get more comfortable with each other.”

All but three students who were invited attended the cookout. The parents who attended the reunion brought along old photos, which Pettes said they recreated. 

“Our parents brought pictures of us all from when we were in kindergarten and it was funny to see how much everyone had changed,” Senior Garrett Gunnerson said. “It was also super weird to see our teacher with kids of her own because we were her first class that she ever taught.”

While they have all grown up together, they have grown apart over the years, according to Pettes. He said after they got over the awkward conversation barrier, things felt normal.

“Everyone avoided talking about any bad feelings they may have towards their former friends,” he said.  “But it quickly shifted to a comfortable environment that almost felt like home.”

Both Gunnerson and Pettes are eager to graduate and make new memories after high school.

“I’m excited to experience life outside of high school, make new friends in college, discover where life will take me, and see what great things my friends are going to accomplish in their futures.” Pettes said.