Ciao, Italia

BV senior takes gap semester to study in Italy


Julie Freijat, co-editor in chief

Graduation will mark the beginning of a new adventure for many in the Class of 2018. Whether it be mission work, college or the military, the opportunities are seemingly endless.

For senior Mallory Novicoff, it will take her halfway across the world. Novicoff will spend her first fall semester in college in Italy to study history, Italian and French. The opportunity comes from the University of Southern California, where Novicoff will be attending in the spring semester of 2019.

“I was accepted to USC as a Spring admit, meaning I would start school there in January,” she said. “They gave me the option of a gap semester, studying at a community college or studying abroad through the university to get [general education] credits.”

Novicoff said she decided to study abroad in Rome because it would allow her to utilize her gap semester to continue learning as well as study history in a place rich with it.

“I’m looking forward to attending school right down the road from Saint Peter’s Basilica and live in an apartment in the middle of Rome,” Novicoff said. “Also, of course I am looking forward to learning Italian and eating pizza every day.”

She said she was excited to be admitted to USC and have the opportunity to study abroad, which she couldn’t pass up. But, Novicoff also said she is a bit nervous about being away from home.

“I will be completely independent and on my own; however, I see that as a challenge I am more than willing to welcome,” she said. “At 18 years old, I know I will have some hard days where I miss my friends and family, but this is the time where you need to live your life and take any opportunity you’re given, even if it means you’ll be on your own.”

Novicoff said she is considering minoring in Italian and believes her study abroad semester will provide her with a framework for her future studies.

“I hope to find a sense of independence that will prepare me for my future as a student at USC,” she said. “I also hope to learn about something that I’ve always been passionate about: the Italian language and culture.”