Committed to the K

Senior chosen for 2018 Royals KCrew

carley sherer, staff writer

Each spring, Kansas City Royals fans look forward to the most anticipated day in baseball: Opening Day at the K. For senior Tristan Rios, the Royals season opener was more than just the first game day — it was her first game working for the Royals organization as a member of KCrew, a job she had longed for since she noticed the opportunity in middle school.

“The purpose of KCrew is to interact with fans and to share our passion for the Royals with everyone,” Rios said. “We are there to put smiles on [fans’] faces and make a positive impact on everyone at each game.”

To be a part of the selective group of 24 girls who cheer on the Royals, candidates must be outgoing and comfortable interacting with a wide variety of people.

“The [audition] process was pretty intense,” Rios said. “I sent in an application and was selected to interview, which was pretty nerve-racking since it was for a big organization.”

Though the audition process seemed intimidating, Rios said she felt prepared due to her past experience with dance and performing in front of large audiences.

“When I found out I made KCrew, I was thrilled,” Rios said. “I couldn’t wait to meet [the other] girls and go through the training process to experience Royals games as a member of KCrew.”

Prior to opening day, KCrew members were required to go through KCrew 101.

“For training, we had a few meetings for separate [activities]. It basically goes over all of the basics of the stadium, a sample schedule of our duties during the games, and tips and tricks to do the best you can,” Rios said.

Training prepares new members for the variety of tasks they are faced with on game days.

“There are pregame duties, and during inning breaks we interact with fans,” Rios said. “There are also the 7th inning stretches, t-shirt tosses and other appearances of [our group] throughout the K.”

After all of the preparation to make the first day at the K a success, KCrew members were finally able to experience their first game being a part of the Royals organization.

“Opening day was an amazing experience,” Rios said.

“Getting the crowd pumped up during starting lineups was my favorite part.  Singing the seventh inning stretch with the rally towels was awesome, too.”

Being a member of KCrew requires a large time commitment during the months leading up to Opening Day and throughout the entire season, but Rios is ready to spend her time cheering on the Royals.

“On average, I have about one to two games per homestand, depending on the week,” Rios said. “In the fall, I will have to balance traveling to and from [Kansas State University].  It will be a big time commitment, but well worth it.”