She’s got school spirit, what about you?

senior exemplifies what it means to have tiger pride


McKenna Cole, Managing Editor

Blue Valley High students have a tradition of showing school pride through participation in spirit days, but if one student takes the cake for most spirited it is senior Allie Ament.

In the 2017 school year she cannonballed fully-clothed off the BV pool diving board to support Boy’s Swim, and she said she plans to be just as devoted this year.

“I have always loved participating in school spirit,” said Ament. “It’s my favorite part of school.”

Ament said she has been participating in school pride functions since middle school, specifically dress-up spirit days.

“I have been doing this for so long that I have so much stuff that I don’t even need to go shopping anymore,” said Ament. “But sometimes I will spend 30$ at Party City for a single spirit day.”

Ament said she is best known for her crazy and extravagant outfits.

“At games I am known for my crazy fake eyelashes,” said Ament. “I wear face paint, tights, just the weirdest stuff. I can dress cute too, but I am more of a face paint girl.”

On Sept. 30, 2018, Ament announced she would be attending the University of Missouri and said she plans to continue her spirit in college.

“I can see myself as one of those guys at football games that paint their whole body and have a black and gold mohawk,” said Ament.

Ament said she wishes everyone participated in school spirit and thinks the judgement of others is stopping students from doing so.

“Some people think it’s lame because they are too scared to dress ridiculous,” said Ament. “Everyone would do it if less people were scared about what other people think.