The Artist Within

BV student shares her love for art


Shay Lawson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many students in high school haven’t found their passion.

That is not the case for junior Ashton Melton.

“I have always had an interest in art,” Melton said “Ever since I was little.”

Melton is always eager to learn more about art. Luckily for her, Blue Valley High offers a variety of different art classes, including Art History, one that she is currently enrolled in that continues to advance her knowledge.

Melton’s love for art has stemmed from being able to release Melton’s inner creative thoughts.

“It is a way to express myself through drawing,” Melton said.

After Melton completes her education at an art school, she aspires to open up her very own small studio.

Melton works very hard at her craft every single day. She often spends her days perfecting her style and making sure that her work is presentable.

“I love making surrealism and modern art,” Melton said.

She is inspired by multiple pieces but finds close inspiration with specific styles of art.

“I like art that uses vibrant colors,” Melton said “Art that can alter someone’s perspective.”