walk a mile in their shoes

the stories behind the shoes of BV


Charlie Trent, Editor-In-Chief

The shoes we wear every day have memories connected to them.

To find out the feelings behind the footwear of the students of BV, keep reading.

Max Kan Grade 11

“Well, personally, I like having shoes that are hard to obtain that no one else has. I like really loud shoes with bright colors and especially designs that don’t look like something you just find walk into your local store. You know a lot of hype beast shoes have those qualities. So I like those.”

Ben Spiegel Grade 10

“Well, my mom was like, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ and I was like  ‘Heelys’ and then she paid for $30 extra shipping so I could take them to New York. Then I went to New York, and everybody was like, ‘You have to learn how to do tricks.’ So I got Heelys, and I learned how to do tricks. Now I can heely.”

Grace Wilson Grade 10

“I was looking on Instagram and Tumblr, and I saw a whole bunch of people wearing Docs. Then I saw that my mom had some, so I took hers. Then I bought my own for Christmas because I was getting into grunge stuff.”

Jackson Allen Grade 12

“I always loved them. I wear them camping and doing other stuff outside. They have fun designs on them from national parks or other outdoor designs.”

Kendrick Kramer Grade 12

“They’re very, very comfortable and very durable. I purchased the American-made shoes over some other dress shoe brands because of their quality and knowing someone’s getting a living wage for producing their shoes. You know, they’re very comfortable. I like the style of them.”

Claire Stein Grade 10

“I feel like my crocs represent my personality. I buy a lot of jibbitz to represent the things I like — soccer, science, my favorite number 19 and my initials. I got them first just to be a slide for soccer, but now they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes.”

Brandon Noah Grade 12

“Oh, that’s just what I prefer to wear since I was born.”

Elizabeth Phillips Grade 10

“Basically at [my] studio, once you get into the highest level, most people have more expensive tap shoes. Since I [was] little, I’ve wanted them. I got them for Christmas this year. They are sky blue and silver, and they have much better sounds than less expensive tap shoes.”