Time to Transition

Seniors reflect on high school years while preparing for college

Noelle Smithers, Fall 2019 Journalism Student

The Blue Valley class of 2020 has begun their final year of high school. Many seniors are preparing for the transition from high school to college.

Senior Sammy Behrndt said she has enjoyed her high school years and was a very involved student.

“I was involved in basketball, yearbook, environmental club and youth court,” Behrndt said.

Being involved in school activities is important at Blue Valley High, but so is the school work. Behrndt said that junior year was the hardest for her. However, senior Lindsay Lahrwas quite the opposite.

Lahr said freshman year was the hardest for her because she didn’t try. Both Lahr and Behrndt said to try hard during freshman year so it’s not as difficult to catch up in the end. The two of them agreed that they have changed a lot since freshman year.

“The glow up is real,” Behrndt said. “I’m definitely less awkward and more careless.”

Lahr said she’s changed a lot since freshman year because she tries at school now and she’s not as immature. Being a senior also comes with the symptoms of senioritis. Lahr said she’s been dealing with senioritis since she was a sophomore.

“I just want to go to college. I’m already mentally checked out,” Lahr said.

Behrndt and Lahr both said they are excited to go to college because it’ll be a change from high school. Even though they’re ready for college, seniors still look back on their best moments from high school.

“I really liked freshman or senior year,” Behrndt said. “I liked freshman year because you’re the youngest ones, and I just thought it was really cool being with older people. I also like senior year because you’re the oldest and you don’t care.

Both seniors said that college will be a big transition from high school.

“I’ll miss the people at Blue Valley, but I’m excited to do something different,” Behrndt said.