Superfans discuss the experience of BV football games


Peytan James, Fall 2019 Journalism Student

The inspiration for being a Superfan has gotten many seniors excited for the football season. The experience of being part of an involved and committed group has affected many seniors, including Lauren Somerhalder and AJ Joseph, while witnessing their last high school football games.

One of the things the Superfans look forward to the most is the gift presented to their assigned football players. Mean-ing, at the beginning of the season the Superfans are given a name of a certain player, and their one responsibility for the player is to cheer them on and sup-ply a gift for them during the games.

“It’s very cool to see the look on the player’s face after giving them the gift because they show how appreciative they are of the Superfan,” Somerhalder said.

The first game of the year had a special meaning. The game’s theme and tailgating were dedicated to the passing away of a mother to a fellow football player, senior Colin Wood, due to ovarian cancer. Students decked themselves in teal to show support and respect. While tailgating, they released balloons into the air for everyone that had been lost.

“Everyone was being respectful, and I enjoyed hearing it get quiet for a moment of silence,” Joseph said.

While at the first game the theme was teal out, there are many other themes the students look forward to. USA, being one of the favorites that Somerhalder and Joseph both love.

“People usually wear beaded necklaces, paint themselves, and bring confetti to the game,” Joseph said, “and whenever we tailgate it’s always fun to listen to music and eat food.”

Whereas some students bring all the objectified examples of spirit, Superfans show their spirit by sporting their personally made shirts at the games. They cheer for the student, parent and even middle school sections on occasions.

“Superfans bring a whole new aspect of cheering and letting the football team know that we’re there being supportive,” Somerhalder said. “We help keep the crowd engaged and what the games look like when they come to high school.”

The chants, the spirit and the quirks are a great addition to being a part of an organization of being a superfan.

“Be a Superfan when you’re a senior, you won’t regret it,” Joseph said.