Students reflect on importance of school spirit


Abby Taylor, Fall 2019 Journalism Student

Have you ever wondered how the school-wide spirit celebrations happen? A lot goes into that pink-out football game or Hawaiian volleyball match.

Tiger Pride is a group of juniors and seniors who are in charge of planning and managing these events. They collaborate in a class during the school day. This is also a way for students to get involved in school and gain leadership skills.

Blue Valley is supportive of all events that students are involved in. Students are encouraged to go to every event that they can, not just the ones that they plan.

“We do a promo for most events, attend at least one athletic event per team, two non-athletic events, and one to two choice activities per quarter,” senior Sydney Wallick said.

Promos are a way to advertise or get the school informed about upcoming events around our school. For example, the impaired vision goggles soccer match was a promo for the first varsity soccer game.

“Usually we do them during Tiger Paws the day of,” junior Grace Poeschl said. “Our promo is always related to the event. We are playing musical chairs this week to promote the orchestra concert.”

Tiger Pride organizes all of the details through the students in the group.

“A bunch of people in Tiger Pride this year have a lot of good ideas and are really creative, so it makes picking spirit days quickly really easy,” Wallick said.

If a student is able, they are encouraged to participate in the spirit days and themes, Poeschl said. They are a way to show the traditions and support that Blue Valley students have created for their fellow Tigers.

“It just gets everyone more involved and makes us more of a family,” Poeschl said. “People are complimenting people on it, and it introduces a form of connection between students.”

Not in Tiger Pride but still want to make a difference? Tiger Pride is always open to collaboration.

“You can always suggest ideas to any Tiger Pride members,” Wallick said. “If you want to see something happen, we are always open to new things for the school. We will try our best to work together and make those things happen.”