Pink Out

Students share why the pink out game is important

Claire Powell, Editor-in-Chief

“[It’s important] to show Blue Valley’s respect and awareness for breast cancer. And to show that we care.”

– Jake Wolff, 11

“It supports breast cancer awareness throughout the school. It makes sure it doesn’t go undetected.”

– Robbie Rodriguez, 11

“Everyone comes together because it’s important to support [breast cancer patients].”

– Emily Bernard, 11

“The pinkout game is really important

because it’s in support of breast cancer, obviously. It’s personal to me — my grandmother actually died of cancer before I ever got to meet her. To visibly show support while doing the thing that I love, which is guard, it raises awareness and gets people talking about it.”

– Grace Malm, 10

“It’s important to remind people why we need to respect breast cancer patients and survivors.” 

– Dorian Stevens, 11

“It’s important to raise money and support for the cause so we can help find a cure and prevent it from happening again.”

Maya Miller, 12