BV Tennis Takes on State

Junior Sophia Desimone Places Third in State


Claire Middleton , Staff Writer

After numerous tournaments throughout the season, Junior Sophia Desimone qualified for state as one of the top ranked tennis players for Blue Valley.

From her Freshman to Junior year,  a total of six girls have qualified for state so she feels honored to be apart of that number.

“It’s exciting that we’re getting better players every year so we can become stronger as a team,” Desimone said.

The friendships formed through BV tennis is something Desimone knows will last in and outside of the season.

“It makes my day every time I think about them,” Desimone said.

Throughout the duration of the season, Desimone and her doubles partner, Sophomore Sreelasya Mylavarapu, were able to place third at state.

“We are hoping to jump up three spots and take first place next year,” Desimone said.

With hard work and determination, she knows the team will be able to accomplish anything they set their mind to.