Tiger Legacy

Two Generations of Tigers


Harrison Melton and Lizzy Parkerson

Blue Valley has been around for 50 years, and there is no doubt that multiple generations of families have gone through the school system. As the students grow up and move on with their lives, they send their kids to BVHS because of the experience they had there.

Sophomore Ellie Graham is one of the few second-generation students who attend Blue Valley High. For her first two years at the school, Graham has participated in Cross Country and Track, following in the athleticism her parents showed when they attended Blue Valley.

“My dad was a basketball kid and my mom did track,” Graham said. “I think it’s really cool to know that you’re walking the same halls that your parents did when they were in high school.”

Sarah Holmes graduated from BVHS in ‘94 with her highschool sweetheart, Jason Graham. They decided they wanted to continue their legacy when they moved back in January of 2012.

“We moved back into the Blue Valley District specifically so our two girls would attend BV,” Holmes said. “We had such a great experience here and wanted them to have the same opportunities it provided for us and more.”