Sophomore on StuCo

Being involved in the school is easy when you join student council


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

When it comes to putting dances together, deciding spirit week themes, and other school events, students in the student council (StuCo) are in charge of those things. Sophomore Leah Dunton has been in StuCo for two years. She started freshman year to get engaged with her new school. 

“My sister was in StuCo and told me it would be fun to get into,” Dunton said, “I started StuCo because I wanted to be involved in the planning of events for the school.” 

Dunton participates in the club with friends and classmates. She gets to not only spend time with them but help the school to make events more fun. 

“I enjoy decorating the hallway and dances,” Dunton said, “Doing it with my friends is really fun.”

Dunton also got to help make the sophomore float this year.

“Making the float was really fun,” Dunton said, “Especially spending time with my friends and getting to paint.” 

Not only is Dunton is StuCo, but she also is in many other clubs and activities. 

“I also participate in BPA, DECA and Relay for Life,” Dunton said, “They help me figure out what I want to do in the future.”

Dunton thinks StuCo and the other organizations she is involved in benefit her in many ways.

“StuCo has impacted my life a lot,” Dunton said, “It makes me a better leader.”