Humans of BV: Michael Stoeckle


Brynn Friesen, Web Editor

The new online format of school has been something completely different than anything schools have dealt with. While math teacher Linda Chavez Linck is away on maternity leave, substitute Michael Stoeckle has been her replacement, teaching over zoom.

His previous experience in online teaching that he gained last quarter has prepared him for the online challenges in the upcoming school year.

“I did substitute last year for another teacher who had a baby, so I’m actually quite comfortable with it,” Stoeckle said. 

He also believes that so far, this year is being run very smoothly.

“In quarter four, students’ grades were locked at where they were,” he said. “So there were a lot of [kids] who stopped caring about things.”

However, he has his own personal concerns for starting back up in person.

“I would be exposed to a lot of students, and I have family members who have compromised immune systems,” he said. “My sister has lupus and I [don’t] want to contract something and bring it home.”