Humans of BV: Annika Wilhelm


Rylee Bergmann, Staff Writer

Annika Wilhelm is a junior this year at BV and has moved around globally throughout her childhood. Her most memorable being to South Africa, where she lived for less than a year.

“I was a little excited, but also intimidated by moving,” Wilhelm said. “[We were] going there and living for nine months and I didn’t know what to expect.”

The change of scenery and South African culture allowed for her love of art and music to grow. Wilhelm was also amazed by all the wildlife and markets there. It allowed her to experience something completely different than the scenery of the United States. While in South Africa, she also experienced all kinds of life events there like Victoria Falls.

“When I was at Victoria Falls with my aunt and mom, we went on this bridge. It was right by the falls and was super wet. I almost slipped and fell off,” Wilhelm said.

This experience jump-started Wilhelm’s love of traveling and inspired her to continue to visit more countries in her future.