Humans of BV: Hayes Courtney


Ayesha Khan, Editor in Chief

Sophomore Hayes Courtney and her father started making their “Father on the left, Daughter on the right” split paintings 4 years ago as a way to bond after her father moved. 

“One side is my dad’s and one side is mine, but they come together through something that we have on both sides,” said Courtney.

Painting was an outlet for Courtney and her father to learn more about each other and realize their similarities.

“We decided to start a website because we thought our paintings were creative and you [don’t] see a lot of father-daughter paintings out there, let alone the style that we do,” said Courtney.

Courtney and her father also felt a website could help them get more recognition from big companies, like PBS, which has shown them in one of their videos.

“I think maybe we’ll slow down once I get older, but we’ll always have this hobby to do together,” said Courtney.