Protein House

BV student starts work at new health restaurant


Rylee Bergmann, Staff Writer

Protein House opened up in Overland Park on 135th Street on Sept. 17 and a few BV students have started to work there. Senior Maddie Gessler loves the atmosphere and knew it was a perfect fit for her. 

“I decided to start working at Protein House because I’ve always wanted a job in a healthy, motivating environment and I also knew the owner,” Gessler said. “After my interview, I knew it would be a great place for me.” 

She truly enjoys her employment and even gets excited about upcoming shifts.

“There are so many things I love about work. I love all my coworkers, greeting and meeting new people, experiencing what a work environment is like, and truly just working,” Gessler said. “I also look forward to working at Protein House every week, contrary to what most teenagers say about their current jobs.”

Although it is a fun place to work, there is still lots of responsibility that comes with the job.

“I typically work from 4-9 p.m. At work, I’m in charge of making the protein shakes, juices, cookies, taking orders, and making sure it’s clean and well-organized,” Gessler said. “I am also in charge of making sure the customers are well taken care of and welcomed.”

There are other nutrition places in the area but Protein House stands out from the rest with the diverse variety on its menu. 

“Protein House is different because not only do we have protein shakes like 913 Nutrition, we also have all sorts of different food options including breakfast, burgers, wraps, bowls, and salads,” Gessler said. “We also use all organic and clean ingredients.”

Along with the wide selection of food and beverage options, Gessler believes the ambiance of it is unlike many other restaurants. 

“I would describe the environment at Protein House as clean, motivating, friendly, and calm,” Gessler said. “It’s an easy place to run in and grab food quickly or to come in and eat.”

If you are looking for a new place to get fresh and healthy food, Gessler urges you to stop by.

“Definitely check out the Peanut Butter Dream protein shake or the Thai Monster bowl,” Gessler said. “They are my absolute favorite.”