Humans of BV: Caroline Keidel and Hannah Hayden


Claire Middleton, Staff Writer

While quarantine looked similar for many of us, seniors Caroline Keidel and Hannah Hayden’s days contrasted in more ways than not. Keidel is a part of a family with a total of 4 kids while Hayden is an only child. As expected, Hayden found herself in a more calm environment rather than a chaotic one. 

In Keidel’s house, it was crazy every single day, but she was thankful for the rare opportunity to bond with her siblings. 

“It was nice to actually sit down almost every single night and eat dinner together,” Keidel said. 

Although Keidel’s siblings made quarantine more bearable, Hayden, being an only child, had to fill her days with activities such as running, walking her dog, taking long drives, and watching lots of TV. 

“Being in quarantine did make me wish I had siblings at some points,” Hayden said. “But it’s not too bad being an only child, just a little boring.”

Although their quarantines looked different, both Hayden and Keidel appreciated being able to spend time with their families before heading off to college next year.