Disc Golf

senior discovers new athletic hobby in quarantine


Claire Middleton, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 regulations and protocols affecting numerous activities, it has left people venturing out and trying new things. Recently senior Jason Berg has picked up the sport which is commonly known as Disc Golf. 

“I started playing around March of 2020 when we couldn’t go many places,” Berg said. “I found out that it was a great way to be outside and get out of the house during quarantine.”

Four of his best friends and he have gotten hooked on this sport. 

“Me and my friends, Austin Pribyl, Kobee Austria, Noah Schopper, and Matthew Greenfield, have honestly become addicted to disc golf,” Berg said. “We play it as much as we can.”

Berg expressed that disc golf has been, without a doubt, one of the best things that could have even happened to him. 

“The friendships that have come out of it is amazing,” he said. “I could have never imagined myself being so close to these guys in a thousand years, but disc golf has given me friends that I will have for a lifetime and I can’t thank anything other than the sport.”

In addition to the friendships that have come out of this newfound hobby, Berg has realized that it is a great stress reliever in his life. 

“It lets me go out almost every day and spend my free time laughing and having fun with my best friends,” he said.

Although these boys have had fun playing on courses in the Overland Park area, they recently decided to participate in a tournament over Winter Break. 

“The five of us went down on New Years’ to play a tournament in Bentonville, Arkansas called ‘The Hangover Huck’,” Berg said. 

With all of these boys placing in the Top 12, Berg considered it worth their time and overall a successful trip. 

Aside from out of town tournaments, Berg said his favorite place to play is a course called Waterworks in North Kansas City. 

“It may be a little bit of a drive from OP,” Berg said. “But after playing, it is worth it every time.”

The consistency and desire to get better at disc golf is something that Berg does not see going away anytime soon. 

“It is honestly my favorite thing to do and the fact my best friends have just as much fun as me is the best thing ever,” Berg said. 

He encourages anyone who is interested in trying something new or looking to get active outside in a fun way. 

“I used to view it as something that would be lame to play, but now I cannot imagine my life without it,” Berg said. “Trying something new will always lead to learning more about yourself and disc gold has done just that in the coolest way.”