Humans of BV: Ms. Smith


Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

Over the holidays, FACS teacher Kendra Smith created her own Christmas tree display outside of her classroom in hopes of spreading a bit of holiday cheer among the other faculty. She was inspired by a post she saw online as well as the window displays in Chicago.

“I saw something on a Facebook post that another FACS teacher had done at her school and it sounded like a cool idea,” Smith said. “I used to live in Chicago and on State Street, they have Christmas window displays, and I thought it would be fun to have my own display.”

The tree was made out of various pots and pans from her kitchen and the ornaments were kitchen utensils such as spatulas, wooden spoons, as well as actual ornaments from her home. The display also features working lights and the tiger puppet on the top has gained some attention from other faculty members.

“I get quite a few comments from people saying that they really like it,” Smith said. “One faculty member came by and she said that she doesn’t have time for a tree, [but] it brings her so much joy seeing it.”