Humans of BV: Veronica Peterson


Mia Rice, Staff Writer

Senior Veronica Peterson, while still valuing core classes, has always felt a strong connection to that of the arts. 

“For as long as I could hold a pen I’ve been creating my own artwork,” Peterson said. 

As she grew up, her artwork has earned more of a purpose. A purpose which blossomed into a future dream. When it came to her senior year and art, she had to relieve herself of intruding classes. To do this, she decided to graduate early last semester in order to give her the complete focus on art she wants. 

“I chose to minimize the number of classes I’m taking, and extracurricular activities I’m participating in this semester, which meant I had to make sacrifices,” she said. “Thankfully, this year proved to be an atypical one so I feel that I haven’t missed out as much as I would have otherwise.” 

An atypical year indeed, but a year that suffered under Veronica’s passion for art. 

“Art is a constant in my life. Despite any other loss, I can rely on the fact that art as a concept will always exist, and that’s why it is the most important element of my existence,” Peterson said. 

Veronica plans to go far with an out of state college plan. 

“I sought out schools that were out of state because I want to explore a new environment in which I can find new sources of inspiration,” Peterson said.

Veronica has been seeking out private art schools to find a community to grow with, but also to share interests with like-minded people. Having an encouraging setting shoots any star forward. 

As graduation rushes closer, Peterson looks on with fond hopes and plans for her education. 

“I hope to expand my understanding of the world and how to express my perception of it through various media,” she said. “With this, I hope to not only demonstrate such a perspective to others, but to also teach others how to communicate their own unique experiences.”