Surpassing the Standards

Student describes the impact of pressure from different angles

Surpassing the Standards

Liya Patel, Staff Writer

The term “pressure” is defined as the use of persuasion, influence or intimidation to make someone do something. 

From parents to peers, students face external influence of all kinds that change, persuade and impact behavior and self-reflection. 

This is especially true in circumstances regarding home-life issues with negative peer reactions and parental interference in school, personal and future issues. 

Pressure comes from everywhere and in all forms, especially from those closest to senior Jenna Logwood who has had to deal with this since the start of high school.

“My parents have been divorced for a long time — it’s something I’ve gotten used to, but it’s always weird when my friends start talking about family vacations and holidays,” Logwood said.

Dealing with divorce is a common theme amongst many high schoolers. Learning how to juggle time and keep a sense of normalcy when things are constantly changing can be hard to do, especially when peers are in a different situation. 

“Some things between [my peers and I] just aren’t the same,” she said. “For example, I have a smaller house than most of them because we had to downsize. It’s not something I am embarrassed about, but it definitely makes me feel a bit left out.” 

Judgement and pressure from peers to live up to a certain standard has been a prevalent theme Logwood has been exposed to since her parents’ divorce. 

“We run on the approval of others, so when you feel like your friends and peers don’t like or accept you, that impacts how you view yourself,” she said. 

Along with peer pressure, the feeling of having to do better or push yourself to reach a certain standard can come from family members as well. From school, to extracurriculars, to college, parents and other family members can add stress like no other. 

“The biggest pressure that I’ve felt from my parents has been about school work and college,” she explained. “My mom wants the best for me, but she definitely has put pressure on me about the ACTs and other tests. It’s been stressful.”

On top of that, the demand to meet high expectations is another prevalent factor many students have had to manage. 

“I see a lot of kids applying to really competitive schools,” Logwood said. “It’s made me second guess myself.”

From peer judgement regarding home life, to parents and family members expecting the absolute best, it can be difficult to remember the true motive behind these actions.

Preparing to embark on the next journey after high school, Logwood has had to take many moments to self-reflect and remember her own values. “With everything I’ve experienced, I’ve had to learn and remember that, in the end, I am doing this for me”.