Taking Care of Business

BPA students win State


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

Even though this year the Business Professionals of America (BPA) competition was virtual, Blue Valley’s group was very successful.

For only being her first year, junior Julia Denny was very proud of herself.

“I qualified for Nationals,” Denny said. “I got first in legal office procedures and I qualified in marketing management and human resource concepts.”

It was also junior Levi Rothwell’s first year being in BPA.

“My team and I got second in the Presentational Management Team,” Rothwell said.

Denny took the Business Management class last year and decided to give BPA a try. That class and the ones she is currently in helped her prepare for the competition.

“We do a lot of practice and preparation in the class,” Denny said. “I did practice exams and events.”

Rothwell and his team worked with one another to develop their presentation.

“We worked for a few weeks to put together a creative idea that we believed would be the best option for the prompt of our event,” Rothwell said. “BPA is a simulation of real-life experiences inside the business world to prepare you for the future.”

Denny also believes BPA will help with her career plans.

“I want to be a lawyer or do something in business, and [it] is nice that there were business law events like the one I placed in,” Denny said. “To be able to merge those two worlds together, I can experience some of the business side and some of the law side.”

Rothwell’s favorite part about competing in BPA is getting a new experience.

“[I liked] to be working on a project for a while and seeing how much you have accomplished with the final result,” he said.

Denny enjoys business and BPA because of her teacher and her other interests like debate.

“I just love the whole business aspect of it,” Denny said. “I find it very interesting to do formatting events [because it’s] something I have never tried before.”

Denny and Rothwell were both excited when Blue Valley won the overall competition.

“I know that last year, [BV] didn’t come close to even second place — to know that we had so many different kids qualify for Nationals was really special,” Denny said. “To be able to be a part of that, especially my first year doing it, feels really good to know that I helped in some way to get to victory.”

Economic Research Team

1st – Varoon Enjeti, Jackson Hagen & Naveen Kodwani

2nd – Jude Mubaslat & Shivam Singh

Fundamental Word Processing

6th – Claire Joseph

Intermediate Word Processing

4th – Varoon Enjeti

Basic Office Systems

3rd – Eddy Jiang

5th – Astha Khadelwal

6th – Surya Rangaraj

Fundamental Spreadsheet

4th – Ava Long

Legal Office Procedures

1st – Julia Denny

Administrative Support Team

2nd – Claire Joseph & Astha Khandelwal

Admin Support Research Project

1st – Ava Long

2nd – George Perkins

Business Law & Ethics

2nd – Jackson Hagen

6th – Kate Sogard

Network Design Team

2nd – Ava Moore & Emma Schmidt

C++ Programming

4th – Carter Hagen

JAVA Programming

1st – Nathan Nguyen

2nd – Carter Hagen

3rd – Michael Hoopes

Python Programming

1st – Nathan Nguyen

Fundamental Desktop Publishing

6th – Caitlin Brown

10th – Julia Denny

Advanced Desktop Publishing

2nd – Nathan Staley

Graphic Design Promotion

1st – Tori Wingrove

Digital Media Production

1st – Nathan Staley

2nd – Julia Walsh

3rd – Jackson Somerhalder

Website Design Team

1st – Rylee Bergmann & Liya Patel

Podcast Production Team

1st – Eleanor Warren, Genevieve Jarrell & Kate Sogard

Global Marketing Team

2nd – Milin Goldstein & Eoin McLaughlin

4th – Ubaid Malek & Jan Jaramillo


3rd – Emma Schellhase

4th – Jake vonSeldeneck

Small Business Management

1st – Sarah Walsh & Tori Wingrove

2nd – Grant Gaston, Mary Burkhead & Emma Schellhase

Interview Skills

4th – Emily Clausen

Advanced Interview Skills

1st – Will Creamer

2nd – Sarah Walsh

6th – Leah Dunton

Extemporaneous Speech

5th – Emily Clausen

Human Resource Management

3rd – Emma Schmidt

5th – Grant Gaston

Ethics & Professionalism

2nd – Eleanor Warren

3rd – Caroline Keidel

5th – Rylee Bergmann

Prepared Speech

1st – Ethan Loftin

3rd – Milin Goldstein

5th – Julia Walsh

Presentation Management – Individual

2nd – Caroline Keidel

3rd – Ava Moore

4th – Liya Patel

Presentation Management – Team

1st – Leah Dunton, Will Creamer & Tori Hamilton

2nd – Levi Rothwell, Jake vonSeldeneck, Jackson Somerhalder

Health Leadership & Special Topics

1st – Jan Jaramillo

3rd – Sia Kavi

TOP 10 in each TEST qualify to compete at Nationals = EVERYONE LISTED BELOW

Financial Math & Analysis

4th – Eddy Jiang

5th – Nathan Nguyen

Admin Support Concepts

2nd – Nathan Nguyen

4th – Varoon Enjeti

5th – Sarah Walsh

8th – Eleanor Warren

9th – Will Creamer

10th – Naveen Kodwani

Computer Programming Concepts

1st – Nathan Nguyen

3rd – Henry Hornung

4th – Carter Hagen

10th – Michael Hoopes

Information Technology Concepts

2nd – Nathan Nguyen

3rd – Carter Hagen

9th – Varoon Enjeti

Digital Communication & Design

1st – Nathan Staley

2nd – Eleanor Warren

3rd – Nathan Nguyen

4th – Emma Schellhase

5th – Levi Rothwell

6th – Mary Burkhead

8th – Varoon Enjeti

9th – Carter Hagen

10th – Genevieve Jarrell

Business Meeting Management

1st – Naveen Kodwani

2nd – Sarah Walsh

4th – Varoon Enjeti

5th – Emily Clausen

6th – Eoin McLaughlin

9th – Jude Mubaslat

10th – Caroline Keidel

Management, Marketing & HR Concepts

2nd – Eleanor Warren

3rd – Milin Goldstein

4th – Genevieve Jarrell

5th – Sarah Walsh

6th – Varoon Enjeti

9th – George Perkins

10th – Julia Denny

Parliamentary Procedures

2nd – Emily Clausen

5th – Sarah Walsh

6th – Eleanor Warren

9th – Nathan Nguyen

Digital Marketing

2nd – Jackson Hagen

3rd – Nathan Staley

4th – Sarah Walsh

5th – Jackson Somerhalder

6th – George Perkins

9th – Ava Moore

9th – Eleanor Warren

10th – Levi Rothwell

Medical Terminology Concepts

1st – Jan Jaramillo

5th – Kate Sogard

7th – Liya Patel

10th – Genevieve Jarrell