senior ceilings

student describes project idea for the class of 2021


Liya Patel, Staff Writer

As most have realized, the senior class of 2021 has arguably had the most unusual year yet. With no typical senior year activities or anything to look forward to, it has become a challenge to find motivation and reason to celebrate the past four years. However, Senior Ari Burriss, along with the rest of Tiger Pride, came up with the idea of painting ceiling tiles as a way for the class of 2021 to leave their mark on Blue Valley.

“As a senior in Tiger Pride, I felt like it was my responsibility to do something memorable for the senior year since it has been such a [difficult] year,” explained Burriss.

The original inspiration for the project came about when Burriss was in North Carolina receiving treatment for her cancer.

Throughout her time there, Burriss “saw people had painted tiles all over the hospital and got to paint one too. Then, when I was thinking of a good project idea, that seemed like the best option.”

Burriss, like many others, felt that COVID-19 was no excuse to not make the year the best that it could be.

After introducing the idea, Burriss has explained that “a large chunk of the senior class is projected to participate in this. A lot of people felt like this would be a great way to bring everyone together right at the end of the year.”