make a ripple, change the world

BV’s participates in the Seven Days event

make a ripple, change the world

Ayesha Khan and Rylee Bergmann

To honor those lives who were lost in the shootings at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Village Shalom in 2014, Tiger Pride and teacher Dianne O’Bryan organized the Seven Days event at BVHS as a way to spread kindness and awareness. 

“Mrs. O’Bryan thought that it would be a good idea to open it up more towards the school and get more people involved,” junior Chloe Wood said.

Junior James Euston along with Group 2 in Tiger Pride, which is responsible for community service, took initiative in the planning and logistics of how students could participate. 

“[Mrs. O’Bryan] had us come in and gave all the details of what she wanted it to look like,” Euston said. “Then over weeks of Tiger Pride classes, we discussed them and came back to her with our ideas, and she was totally on board. We basically planned the whole event along with Mrs. O’Bryan.”

The students and faculty that organized the event felt adamant about participating to uphold BV’s core values. 

“I think a lot of people can see our school as different from other schools and just other schools in general for how close our community is,” Euston said. “If we want to build that community then those events are super crucial.”

Each day of the event signified a different theme: love, discover, you, go, connect, others, and onwards. The color white brought all the days together, which is why students were asked to wear white on their designated days. 

“They have different colors for each day, but white was basically the start of the Seven Days,” Euston said. “We just wanted everybody to be coordinated and wearing one color and their shirts that they made are white too.”

The Seven Days event was an opportunity to promote positivity and spread information throughout the community.

“It’s a happy turn to give awareness to a bad thing that happened and to get more people involved in spreading kindness,” Wood said.