A Journey of Change

Student reflects on growth over past four years

A Journey of Change

Tymber Moody, Web Editor

From freshman year to senior year, everyone’s bound to change in one way or another. It’s only four short years, but they are a crucial part of growing up and figuring out who you want to be. This is especially true for senior Blake Huth. Over the past four years, Huth has changed for the better in a variety of ways.

“[During freshman year] I was very shy, but I tried to act like I was not,” Huth said. “I tried to act like a class clown when in reality I would say something and be like, ‘Why would I say that, why would I say that. Oh no.’ I would overthink everything.”

Although he tried not to, during his first two years of high school, Huth let his overthinking and depression keep him from events like school dances and football games. Nevertheless, once junior year began, Huth slowly fought back.

“I didn’t do many social things until junior year just because I was so shy and scared of looking stupid,” Huth said. “Starting junior year, I just kind of embraced my own stupidity [and] everything changed. It was when I started making new friends, [and] I started thinking differently.”

This way of thinking helped him grow, but it wasn’t the only change that he made. After losing weight, Huth found himself healthier, happier and more confident.

“The main thing I’m proud of is that I was finally able to get my weight under control,” Huth said. “Ever since fourth grade, I was a round boy, but I’ve lost like 50 pounds, and I’m feeling good.”

With the weight loss, other aspects contributed to Huth’s reinvented self — one of those being the Christian religion that he found through his spiritual podcasts.

“I started listening to the Unashamed podcast, and it is probably the direct reason why I got more confident,” Huth said. “It also pulled me out of my depression because it gave me something to live for. Before, I was an atheist, and it was like I didn’t have anything to believe in. Then I started listening to this podcast and now I’m a Christian, and I’m much more happy.”

The positivity Huth has gained through these podcasts have been applied to his life in numerous ways, one of which can be seen through his senior speech.

“My freshman-self would have stressed about [the speech],” Huth said. “I kind of forgot that I was doing it until the day of. I didn’t even read it — I just kind of went off vibes, which my freshman-self would have never done. I would have stressed about it much more.”

While Huth has had his ups and downs from freshman to senior year, he has done his best to make the most of high school with the little time he has left.

“Freshman year wasn’t great,” Huth said. “I just tried to remember it’s the lows in life that make you cherish the highs — and if it isn’t, I guess I’ll be fine believing a lie.”