Decorating Dorms

Seniors share designs for dorms


Brynn Friesen, Staff Writer

Most seniors going into college will be living in a dorm, whether they’ll have two, four or no roommates. While the focus early on is mostly on applications and finalizing decisions, these three seniors have recently put more of their thoughts into the decorations and overall design of their living spaces.

Senior Keely O’Brien made the decision to coordinate her designs with her roommate.

“My roommate is from Texas, so we agreed on some colors and a theme we both liked,” O’Brien said. “We are finding our own things and showing what we buy to each other so that the room still coordinates but we can also both have our unique touches. We also decided to split some of the bigger purchases; for example, she will get an area rug and I’m getting a TV.”

Along with O’Brien, senior Piper Puccetti contacted her roommate to make a compromise on decorations.

“My roommate and I both decided on a boho theme, so lots of textiles and tapestries but also contemporary details with band posters and other art pieces,” Puccetti said. “Our color scheme is warm tones, so lots of orange and yellow.”

While still using her own personal style, O’Brien looked for other ideas for her designs.

“I’ve used Pinterest a lot for some inspiration on style and cute decorations especially that I’ll be able to reuse in the following years when I’m out of the dorms,” O’Brien said. “I also use it for tips on how to organize and store things. I have gotten some ideas from people who have already lived in the dorms.”

Senior Halley Eastham is adding a touch of music and modern culture to personalize her dorm.

“Me and my roommate both kind of have a similar vibe — we’re both very down to earth, [so our theme will be] media and pop culture,” Eastham said. “Honestly, I’ll probably be bringing along a lot of my movie posters and band posters.”

O’Brien has high hopes for what her dorm will turn out to be and knows exactly what she’s looking for.

“I’m hoping my dorm is super cozy and homey but is also a good environment to be able to study and stay on top of my school work,” O’Brien said. “I want it to look really cute but also be a place where I can just hangout and be comfortable.”