Humans of BV: Nate Ginther


Claire Stein, staff writer

This past season, sophomore Nate Ginther earned his spot on the JV tennis team. 

“I’ve been playing tennis for the majority of my life,” Ginther said. “I thought it would only fit that I would continue it into my highschool life.” 

He decided to try out because of his love of the sport and the people he would be playing with.

“I knew that a lot of my close friends would be playing too, so that’s a huge plus.”

After lots of success in the 2021 season, Ginther had a lot of good experiences but he especially enjoyed his team.

“My favorite thing about this tennis season was getting to meet and play with all of my teammates,” Ginther said. “The team is super great with a bunch of amazing guys who love to play tennis.”

Ginther encourages students to go out for a sport next year.

“I 100% recommend that incoming freshmen play a sport,” Ginther said. “It allows you to meet your classmates, make new friends, and keeps you active.”

After this season Ginther is eager for the 2022 tennis season next year.

“I am super excited to be playing next year and seeing some new faces,” he said. “I can’t wait to see all the new talent that will be coming to the team.”