Humans of BV: Reagan Howard


Liya Patel, Staff Writer

As the school year reached its final days, senior Reagan Howard was able to reflect on her time as a junior and predict what the upcoming summer and the school year will hold for her. 

“This is the summer before my senior year, so I will definitely be working on college applications and scholarships”.

Hoping to get a head start on the stressful college season, Howard’s goal is to be productive while still enjoying her last high school summer.

“This is a summer I am really excited about. I want to not worry about [school] so much and just enjoy the time I have left”.

One thing Howard hopes to accomplish this summer is to spend more time with her friends that are leaving in the fall. 

Knowing that life after high school is approaching, Howard shares the fears that many seniors have.

“It’s almost my turn, and that is kind of scary,” Howard said. “This year is going to be bittersweet. I am nervous, but I am also so excited.”