Humans of BV: Elizabeth Bahadursingh


Rylee Bergmann, Staff Writer

Unlike many others, senior Elizabeth Bahadursingh was able to take AP Government her junior year, orchestrating the adjustment since the beginning of high school. 

“It was probably my freshman year when I was planning my schedule — looking through the course booklet, there was one CAPS program that I wanted to take, and the booklet said it was a year-long course,” Bahadursingh said. “With the schedule I wanted, I wouldn‘t be able to take it unless I gave up a class senior year.”

Despite being the youngest in class, Bahadursingh not once felt isolated from her older peers. 

“Although, I had to get to know new people because there aren’t as many opportunities to meet seniors, I never really thought I was treated any different,” Bahadursingh said. “I treated it [like] any other class.”  

Bahadursingh tells those in her grade about the excitement of the class, including what it’s like with AP Government teacher Brian Mowry.

“Mr. Mowry makes the class great for discussion and always looks for new perspectives on the topic we are learning,” Bahadursingh said. 

Because she took the class early, she receives many questions from her peers about the workload and course.

“I always tell them it’s one of my favorite classes because of not only the content, but the class is set up almost like a big seminar where people can share their ideas,” she said.