Humans of BV: Jason Casey


Mia Rice, Staff Writer

When it comes to performing, the meaningfulness ranges from every individual. For Jason Casey, being involved with Blue Valley High Schools arts department is above all. Fighting through a junior year with COVID preventing what he loves, Casey touches on how hard work helped his class prevail and find their voices, even during a pandemic. 

Jason has been shining on stage even from his elementary days. 

“I have been singing since before I can remember,” he said. “I’ve been in choir since elementary school and have acted in plays since middle school.” 

The heavy environment left over his junior year made for a difficult time remaining hopeful. “COVID had truly limited my first semester of schooling–Instead of getting to do many plays, the rep musical, and choir concerts, I got nothing.” 

The discouragement leftover from the uneventful first half of the year left Jason eager to return back to the stage, and in fourth quarter he was given the opportunity. 

“My shows from the fourth quarter included Cabaret, FNL,  Addams Family,  Spring Show, and now Mamma Mia at Theater in the Park! It has gotten so busy that I have been falling behind in some of my classes” he laughed.  

Even with those limited performances, Casey found one of the biggest obstacles to be right on his face. “I feel like the masks have really inhibited my ability to perform this year, and a big strength of mine is facial expressions,” Casey said. 

Even while understanding and respecting guidelines, Casey cannot help but look forward to the future of his highschool career. 

“My senior year, I am hoping that choir can return to normalcy because this year with the masks has been so strange and restrictive and it will be totally freeing when we return to choir without masks,” he added. 

His love for performing fuels Casey’s hope, which seems to be a secret weapon for the department next year. Casey has plans to lead and find the best possible outcomes for the group, taking on any struggle that comes their way and making the best out of it after taking on such a challenging junior year. 

“My last big hope is to be active;  I want to involve myself in as many choir activities as I can, so I can have the best experience for my Senior year.”