Finance Friends

Two students take summer class together


Brynn Friesen, Web Editor

Summer — a time for many to wind down after stressing over school- work. But with the enjoyment that summer brings many people, there are still some responsibilities for school. Seniors Jason Casey and Matthew

Lane decided to take the personal finance summer class together.

“It was more of a forced thing,” Casey said. “I didn’t really want to take any of the tech credits that were available, and that one is becoming a tech credit this summer.”

Similarly, Lane took this class because it would conveniently give him more tech credits as he preps for college.

“I still needed to finish my tech credit, but I didn’t want to take it in place of any of my electives during my senior year,” Lane said. “I was already planning on taking it, but taking it over the summer meant I had more time during the year.”

Although a summer course might not sound appealing to many, Casey said he tolerated it more because he could get help from his friend.

“I’m in the class with one of my other friends, so I have the ability to talk and collaborate with somebody, unlike the other eight-hour ticket to health and wellness in the past,” Casey said. “I didn’t know anybody else in that class, so I wasn’t able to really talk about any of it. If there’s any questions I will know somebody now, which will be better.”

Time is a required factor for any summer course, and Casey explained how he navigated the class conflicting with his outside obligations.

“This summer I [worked] five-hour shifts throughout the week,” Casey said. “[I did] some dance stuff this summer [and] I have to continue with singing, get- ting ready for the musical next year and I [had] to do my Eagle project too, or else I’m going to age out and not be an Eagle Scout and my dad will be pissed.”

While not having as many time-consuming activities going on during the course as Casey, Lane is still giving up a great deal of time for the class.

“I have the motivation and the time — it just means I won’t have much extra free time,” Lane said. “However, I do have the motivation to do it because without the tech credit, I can’t graduate.”