Humans of BV: Mattie Henley


Rhylan Stern, Staff Writer

Sophomore Mattie Henley is transitioning back into in-person school after being online her second semester.

For Henley, there were some struggles that came with online learning.

“Completing some of the assignments in certain classes was troubling,” Henley said. “Technology can be messed up, and my WiFi isn’t very good.”  

For Henley, school caused lots of pressure, which contributed to her decision to go online last year. 

“It’s pretty stressful for me,” Henley said. “It was really stressful getting to my classes, but I know my way around now.” 

Henley is now back in-person and ready to take on the highs and lows of this year. 

“I’m glad that we’re back in person so I can see my friends and be more social,” Henley said.