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Senior explains safety standards at AMC

Allie Crawford and Mena Walker

It’s not an easy task to satisfy everyone when you need to socially distance and make sure people are following safety precautions. On behalf of working for AMC Theatres during a pandemic, senior Brynn Sankey has learned new experiences to keep both customers and coworkers happy.

“You definitely need to have people skills,” Sankey said. “Not necessarily just with customers, but with your coworkers, too, because you need to be able to work effectively as a team.”

In the last two years, businesses didn’t anticipate the spread of coronavirus, leading many companies to close. AMC had to follow restrictions and have certain precautions in order to keep employees happy and customers safe. For Sankey, it was a difficult time for the unexpected at the theater.

“The main area was closed down, and there were only registers where the concessions were,” she said. “Everyone had to wear masks.”

The crew at AMC is adapting well to the new restrictions and being optimistic about rules according to COVID. They are willing to take a more protected approach in order to keep customers safe and to stay in business.

“If you’re an usher, you’re required to carry a spray bottle into theaters to wipe down anything that you see,” she said. “Depending on if it gets bad again, we’ll probably have to take more precautions.”

Despite things being different due to COVID-19, Sankey is still finding ways to be positive around her workplace. 

“I do enjoy working there, quite a lot — I just love movies in general — I mean, free movies!” she said. “I feel like even if COVID hadn’t happened, I probably would have ended up working at [a theater] anyways because, honestly, I love the people there, and it’s really great.”