Say Yes to the Dress

Sophomores discuss preparations for Homecoming

Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

Homecoming: a time for students to put on their best outfit, get glammed up, and experience BV in a completely different way. It’s a yearly tradition which has been going on for seemingly forever, but COVID-19 canceled the dance in 2020.

As freshmen, they couldn’t experience this timeless tradition, but they did this year as sophomores.

“I’m most excited about experiencing a high school dance because last year everybody missed out on that,” sophomore Kate Kozlowski said. “I am going in a big group with a bunch of my friends, so I’m excited just to have fun with everybody.”

Throughout the Homecoming season, the halls are filled with talk about the most important question of the semester: “What should I wear?” Sophomore Kaitlyn Gravitt thought extensively about this question.

“I have so many dresses to choose from — the hardest part is picking out the perfect dress,” Gravitt said. “I’m leaning toward this one red dress, and all my friends have voted for it, so it’s probably going to be the red dress.”

The preparations leading up to the dance are almost just as, if not more, important than the actual night. Despite the dance being hosted outside this year, that didn’t derail anyone’s plans.

“ I’m going to go over to my friend’s house [before the dance and] we’re all going to do our hair and makeup together,” Kozlowski said. “We’re going to dinner and are going to take pictures at a park.”

From dinners to after parties, Homecoming isn’t complete without these key elements. If there’s no pictures — it didn’t happen.

“I have a date and all of my friends have one, too,” Gravitt said. “We’re so excited, it’s going to be a blast. I just know it.”

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Gravitt
Photo courtesy of Kate Kozlowski