Humans of BV: Greta Likens

Amy Collins, Staff Writer

Sophomore Greta Likens has been playing soccer since she was six years old.  She plays for KC Athletics, and her team won Nationals this past summer.

In the past, Likens never thought that her team could win Nationals. Going into Nationals, it was hard for Likens and her teammates to believe that they had truly made it.

“I think we went into it really being the underdogs,” Likens said. “Everyone was pretty silent and trying to get out of their own heads and not be so nervous. It’s such a big game that it was hard to process that we were even there.” 

Her team ended up winning 2-1.

“It was honestly kinda unbelievable because I think we were all anticipating second place,” Likens said.

Likens hopes that her team is able to do just as well next season. 

“It definitely puts a target on our back, which makes it harder to win but hopefully we can make it pretty far again,” Likens said.