Choosing Colleges

Senior discussing applying to universities

Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

Even though it feels like senior year just started, senior Kate Levinson already has senioritis. With the feeling of being stuck in sophomore year because of COVID, Levinson thinks like this year is different from others. 

“When I was an underclassman I would always look at the seniors doing all this fun stuff during Tiger Paws,” Levinson said. “The senior hall was for them and kids were nervous to walk through. They’d be blasting music on game days, and there’s just not really the same atmosphere because we don’t have that same time [schedule].” 

With the year not being everything Levinson expected, she is dreaming about the 10 colleges she is planning on applying to. 

“My top three are probably University of Arizona, just because the campus was beautiful and it kind of felt like I was at a resort,” Levinson said. “Then, University of Wisconsin because my sister goes there, and I’ll have a lot of exposure to that this year, so I’ll become really comfortable with that campus. And maybe somewhere closer to home, maybe KU or Mizzou just in case I get scared and don’t want to leave.” 

Whatever college Levinson ends up at, she is thrilled for what the future holds for her. 

“I’m really excited for all the freedom,” Levinson said. “I’m very independent, so I love doing things on my own and [setting] my own schedule.”