Connecting the Community

Senior shares involvement in Jewish teen organization


Photo courtesy of Sarah Hallock

Photo Courtesy of: Sarah Hallock

Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

The National Federation of Temple Youth, also known as NFTY, is a Jewish, teen-led organization that focuses on bringing the Jewish community together. Senior Sarah Hallock has taken on multiple leadership roles in NFTY’s Missouri Valley chapter.

“I am the Communications Vice President on the regional board,” Hallock said. “[NFTY has] programs which are based around social action, or we might have programs based on Judaism and how Judaism connects you to your mind, body and soul.”

Hallock designs everything that is put on their Instagram and ensures that NFTY’s social media looks neat. Additionally, she has frequent meetings with other board members.

“Every week I get on a Zoom call with the rest of the regional board and we talk about different events coming,” Hallock said. ”Also I get on national calls with other communication vice presidents from other regions and we all talk about different things and they give us tips to help grow.”

NFTY produces a variety of events throughout the year. In the upcoming weeks, NFTY will be holding its first in-person event since the pandemic began.

“We are having [an event] in 17 days, so I’m super excited. It’s gonna be awesome,” Hallock said. “I also help plan events, so I’m taking pictures the whole time and I create a big slideshow to show everyone.” 

At the core of NFTY are the connections between the Jewish community. Hallock first joined NFTY after hearing about it from a friend who was involved in the organization. 

“It’s such a good community that’s given me a lot of friendships and a lot of positive opportunities,” Hallock said. “I learned a lot about how to be a leader. They’re based around being leaders — they want Jewish team leaders.”

Being the head of any group is a daunting task, but Hallock has taken every challenge head-on. She is committed to the organization and furthering its message of bringing the community together.

“I feel like I’m doing something important and I feel proud that I’m keeping my Jewish community together,” Hallock said. “I really care about keeping NFTY strong and growing.”