Humans of BV: Casey Engel

Kaitlin Green, Publication Editor

After moving back to Kansas from Chicago in the early 2000s, Casey Engel, Blue Valley’s new AP Lit teacher, fell in love with both outdoor and indoor cycling.
A couple of years after joining Genesis, an indoor cycling bar, Engel received an exciting offer.
“[The instructor] told me, ‘You’re a teacher and you’re a cyclist, why don’t you blend those two things together and get paid to work out?’” Engel said.
After completing her training, Engel fell in love with teaching. In order to make her classes exciting and motivate her students, she would create videos of footage taken from extreme cyclists.
“Before you knew it, 50 minutes was up and the class grew because my videos became really popular,” she said.
Though her career as a cycling instructor came to a close as she applied for a job at BV, Engel still cycles in her free time and reminisces on her time at Genesis.
“I still keep in touch with a lot of people that I formed friendships with,” Engel said. “They’re begging me to come back as a sub.”