Humans of BV: Ava Salter

Elle Moulder, Staff Writer

The start of freshman year can be a nerve-wracking time. Everyone typically has a very different experience. So far, Freshman Ava Salter likes high school. 

“I love the freedom of everything,” Salter said. 

She is really liking her classes as well. 

“[I] thought it [would] be a lot more scary,” Salter said. “Everyone is like ‘It’s really hard to find your way around,’ but I’ve been doing super good. I know where all my classes are .”

So far, Salter is enjoying BV traditions, especially the cheerleading performances at the pep rally.

“Seeing all [of] the cheerleaders out on the field makes [me] want to do it next year,” Salter said. “I’ve always done competitive cheer, but I quit because I had surgery on my foot.”

Ava is comfortable as a Blue Valley High freshman

“It just feels like such a good school,” Salter said.